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Do you need our services in your country?
The GDVEG provides education in veterinary dermatology in countries in which this type of education is missing or deficient. Countries will be chosen following strict selection criteria. Selected countries should have an existing organizational structure of small animal practitioners/professionals. Local contacts should be engaged and contribute to the organization of the events and activities. Local organizations or sponsors are expected to provide accommodations for visiting instructors. GDVEG instructors provide services on a volunteer basis and an honorarium is neither expected nor accepted. If you are interested in organizing veterinary dermatology education in your country, please contact one of our representatives. 

Do you want to sponsor us?
We are a charity founded on the passionate work of volunteer individuals with the same vision. We provide our time, experience and lecturing abilities on a volunteer basis, but we need funding for travel and accommodation expenses in addition to other expenditures such as, the web page and the charity maintenance.  Any monetary contribution, even the smallest one, is greatly welcome.

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