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GVDEG Members

Lowell Ackerman (USA)

Jeanne Budgin (USA)

Andrew Hillier (USA)

Alberto Martin (Mexico)

Chiara Noli (Italy)

Lucia Panáková (Slovakia)

Sheila Torres (USA)

Meng Siak (Australasia)

GVDEG Structure and Organization

  • Coordinator and WSAVA/ACVD contact person
    • Sheila Torres
  • Coordinator and WAVD contact person
    • Jeanne Budgin
  • Regional Contact officers
    • Andrew Hillier (Africa)
    • Alberto Martin (Latin America)
    • Koji Nishifuji (Asia)
    • Lucia Panakova (Eastern Europe)
    • Meng Siak (Australasia)

Regional Contact officers identify areas underserved in veterinary dermatology around the world. Within their regional area of interest and influence, officers establish contact and communication with interested local groups or individuals inform them about the existence and objectives of the GVDEG, and initiate the organization of an educational event in the local regional area. They also seek funding within the host region, if possible.

  • Speaker
    • officers Lowell Ackerman

Speakers officers select qualified speakers through application forms and CVs, based on experience, time availability, ability to speak the language of host country etc. They place calls of applications through veterinary dermatology associations worldwide. They also develop and administer post-CE evaluation forms and make recommendations for improvement of future CEs based on speakers’ experiences.

  • Program officer
    • Chiara Noli

The program officer design programs for the meetings, prepares lectures and manages a lecture bank. A kit with practical materials for wetlabs has also been prepared.

  • Publicity, public relations and fundraising officer
    • Andy Hillier
    • Alberto Martins
    • Sheila Torres

The publicity, public relations and fundraising officer develops strategies and mechanisms to engage potential sponsors of the group that would include companies in related industries and professional organizations associated with the veterinary profession ( such as WSAVA, local national or regional veterinary organizations) and veterinary dermatology (such as the ACVD, ECVD, WAVD and its affiliates). He also responsible for raising awareness of the group and its services.

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